• KBA has increased from assembling 400 sacks a week to now assembling over 500 each week (end of last school year)!  This number is expected to increase in the coming school year. 
  • KBA is now purchasing some food items for the sacks for some of our smaller churches that can no longer afford them. 
  • The price of milk has increased by $500 for three pallets, only enough milk for 2-3 months. 

  • Currently, the KBA does not have enough funds in the Sacks of Love account to purchase enough milk and some food items for the next school year.

Celebrations are so fun – especially end-of-school year celebrations!


Thank you, FBC, for giving $840 to provide a well-deserved graduate recognition reception and lunch/treats for Field Day for students at the Continuous Learning Center (CLC)!!!  The 6 graduates received gifts of a Bible, devotion book, portfolio and gas card during their recognition reception.  And, all students enjoyed a delicious hot dog lunch and Kona Ice dessert – YUM!  Most importantly, each student received a handwritten note of encouragement filled with praises, congratulations, scripture verses and prayers.


Thank you for expanding the heart for our Heart4School - CLC!