music ministry

All Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra practices and meetings are postponed due to COVID-19. 

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August 2020

Dear Friends!

We are at the halfway point of summer and in addition to all the questions swirling between college football, school starting and churches starting back... the question on my mind is “what is Christmas going to look like?!”  It is probably safe to say that I’m the only one worrying about that, but that’s why I’m here!


Our hope is to roll out a plan for Christmas at the end of August and begin rehearsal for the choir on September 15. Hopefully, we will all be more comfortable and everyone will be ready to come back!  How about you!  


Some of you could and should be serving with us in this most important ministry of our church!  I’m praying that this “COVID 19 pause” will be a great time to consider a restart with us.  My hope is to start in September with full choir and orchestra, so will you pray with me to that end?


What a privilege it is to serve here during this interim period alongside Dr  Turner. What I’ve noticed here at Camden is a church made up of kind and generous people who have a heart for God. I’m looking forward to seeing our church... join together to do great things for Christ in this next season.