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esl (english as a second language)

The purpose of the ESL ministry is to aid those in our community that have a desire to learn the English language while serving as ambassadors for Christ.

Please join us on Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

We have various class levels – there’s a place for you!

With changes being made in our Wednesday evening schedule – our ESL (English as a Second Language) classes are in need of more volunteers. If you are interested in helping, teaching, mentoring or learning more about this special ministry – please contact

Mentoring can be done at a time suitable for the student and teacher. Teacher training would be provided.


  • Coming to the English class has helped me a lot because now I can speak better. It is important for me to learn more words because it gets easier to communicate with other people. For example: if I need to go to the bank or to the pharmacy I can ask or explain exactly what I need to do.  Also, in class I have met very good friends, we help each other on writing, reading and spelling. My teacher is excellent!    -- L. 

  • The ESL program makes it easier my life in this country and I learn more about the culture. It’s a little hard to learn it but is very interesting! ESL helps me to learn how to make appointments for dentist, doctor, etc. and even to understand my kids.   -- R. 

  • The English classes have been very useful because I didn’t know anything. Now I understand some words. Each class I learn something new.  I am writing a few words. For me the English classes are very important. -- A.G. 

  • The ESL program changed my life because now it’s easier talk and understand. My kid’s teacher and doctors’ appointments. People ask sometimes directions or my neighbor comes to my house to talk.  -- M. 

The ESL Ministry at First Baptist is in need of a director and additional helpers. If you are able to help with this vital ministry on Wednesday nights please contact Betsy Stevens or call the Church Office.