Lovin’ on Some Teachers

For our summer church-wide mission project, we’re going to give special focus to the teachers and staff at the Continuous Learning Center (CLC). This is the school at the corner of DeKalb and Campbell Streets and the one closest to our church. 

CLC used to be the school of structure and uniforms for disciplinary problems at our middle and high schools; students were assigned to CLC by the district hearing officer. Today, it is a school of choice with a more individualized, student-centered approach. In the words of Mr. Thomas Gladden, principal, “CLC looks at the students academically, emotionally, and developmentally to develop the ‘wrap around’ service to meet the needs of the student. We are the place for a second chance, a restart, or a break. We focus on setting students up for success with the hope that we can give them coping skills for life.”

CLC doesn’t have a PTO and, because it is so small, doesn’t undertake fundraisers which means they have no money for extras. Here are three ways that you can help us honor and spoil the teachers and staff who serve these students, sharing the love of Jesus as we do so:

Contribute towards some goodie bags

There are seventeen members of the CLC faculty; we’d like to give each one of them some things for their personal use. This starts with gift certificates or gift cards that can be used here in Kershaw County for things like an oil change, gas for their car, dinner at a restaurant or a meal on the run, a special treat like a cup of coffee, some baked goods, or ice cream, a shirt or slacks, small home furnishings, or a new book. All we ask is that each certificate/card have the value written on it and be for no more than $40. You may leave your gift in one of the baskets on the front railings in the sanctuary on Sundays and Wednesdays; on other days, you may leave it in the church office.

We want to give the faculty some other things in these bags to include a daily devotional, a nice pen, and a CLC polo shirt. You may help with these through a contribution earmarked for CLC.

The deadline for these gift certificates/cards and contributions is Monday, August 7.

Have lunch with the faculty

Women on Mission is providing lunch on Thursday, August 10 at noon. We’re looking for ten to fifteen adults who would like to sit down and have one-on-one conversations with the teachers and staff, to listen to their interests and struggles, and, as God leads, share testimony to His provision. These conversations could prompt later opportunities to serve the school. If you would like to participate in this lunch, drop a note in the basket above or contact Celeste Toole or Katie Nooe.

Prayer walk at the school

In conjunction with the district-wide prayer walk that our GEMS and KBA are organizing, some of us will be going to CLC on August 13. Watch for more details on this, then make plans to join us.

Thanks for loving like Jesus at CLC!!