We will have a Machachi Commissioning immediately following the 11 am service, sunday, august 20.

Machachi Mission Trip: August 23-31, 2017

Ronnie Stroud, Heidi Graves, Josh Littlefield, and Maureen Kohn

Connect Ecuador

Strategy of the Southern Baptist Mission Board

Connect Ecuador is part of a strategy of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Through this strategy, Southern Baptist Churches, partnerships of churches, or associations have a unique opportunity to become missionaries to a people group in Ecuador, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and planting churches. First Baptist Camden has entered into a partnership with Connect Ecuador to reach the city of Machachi, Ecuador where only 3% of the people have been evangelized. There is still a great need for people to hear the Gospel and know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. While most here are very religious, their religion is mixed with animistic beliefs and rituals that blind them to the truth and understanding that hope is found in Christ alone. We need YOU to help us spread the Good news

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General Information About Machachi, Ecuador

Machachi Ecuador sits at 10,000 feet above sea level. It is 60

miles down the Panamerican Highway, south of Ecuador’s capital

Quito. Machachi has a population of 12,500 people. It sits in the

Andes Mountain chain and has consistent weather year-round

meaning they do not experience Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.

All four seasons can be felt all in the same day. When the sun is

out, the weather is very warm, up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When

it is cloudy, rainy or nighttime, the weather is chilly, as low as 50

degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the residents of this region consider themselves

Catholic but have religious beliefs, which include a mix of Catholic

and nature worship

This community has very little violent crime but petty theft is

very common. Our teams usually stay in a hostal, which is like a

bed and breakfast. It is considered a very nice place to stay by

Ecuadorian standards. The hostal houses between 2 and 3 people

in each bedroom and all have access to shared bathrooms.

Our teams do not have transportation while in Machachi and

therefore we do a lot of walking. This can be a problem at this high

elevation if our participants have any health issues.

A typical meal in Ecuador consists of a large portion of rice, a

little meat, soup, fresh fruit and fresh juice. It is not recommended

that our team members drink tap water, eat raw fruit, or use ice

while in country.

Ecuador is in our same time zone except during Daylight

Savings Time, when it is one hour behind South Carolina time.

Travel usually consists of flying from Charlotte to Miami and then

from Miami to Quito. We take a rented van from the airport in

Quito to our hostal in Machachi. Total travel time from Camden to

our hostal is approximately 12-14 hours

Connect Ecuador  Team Member


To be eligible to take part in a mission trip to

Machachi, Ecuador, each participant must

meet the following requirements:

1. Be an active member of Camden FBC

2. Be responsible for securing funds for the majority of the trip cost

3. Attend 12 – 16 mandatory training sessions

4. Exhibit growth in your relationship with Christ

5. Obtain medical clearance to travel and spend time in this high elevation location

6. Be 18 years of age or older

7. Be committed to verbally sharing your faith

8. Be emotionally and spiritually mature

9. Be flexible

10. Be willing to submit to and pass a background check in compliance with IMB’s child protection policy

11. Have or obtain a current US passport

Contact Maureen Kohn for more information: thekohns@bellsouth.net or 432-7787

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Connect Ecuador Partnership

General Information

Our mission:

Our mission teams will be working to establish relationships with  residents of Machachi as groundwork for our future trips there. We will also evangelize and teach the Bible to our contacts. 

We will work under the supervision of full-time IMB missionaries who live about an hour away from Machachi.

Each team will hire translators who will work along side us for the  week. 


In-country expenses ($500)

Airfare (about $1000)

Passport ($135 or $110 for renewal)

Immunizations ($25 - $250)

*FBC support money is estimated to provide

approximately $500 per participant

Suggestions for funding trip:

Support request letters

Church member contributions

Birthday gifts, Mothers and Father’s day gifts

Sunday School class sponsorship

$200 deposit due with sign-up

Find additional general mission trip info at: thetask.org

$ 500 room, board, etc..

 +$1000 airfare/travel

 +$ 135 passport

 +$ 250 immunizations

 $1,835 total cost


Prayer Requests for Machachi Mission Teams

We need your help. Please pray for us.

Pray that each of us will acknowledge our dependence on Jesus Christ who said, "Apart from me  you can do nothing" (John 15:5). more >>>