Meet at the Fellowship Center at 8:30 am for breakfast. 

We will leave around 9am for our service projects.

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Please fill out the attached form with the projects you are interested in serving.

This year FBC is emphasizing what it means to be a good neighbor. Our outreach strategy will allow church members to minister to their neighbors in close proximity. But what about ministering to the community? The church also wants to be good a neighbor to those living in Kershaw County! On October 14 FBC will embark on a Great Day of Service! Below you will discover the service projects!

Visit this page often and scroll down to stay current on the events associated with the Great Day of Service.

We will be serving our neighbors as we minister to a sister church, the recreation department, the elderly, First Responders and our neighbor school. The day will get started with breakfast in the Fellowship Center and then we will embark on our service projects. Some of the projects are half-day so pick one that fits your schedule. You can sign up on our website or by calling the church office. 

Those folks at First Baptist, they make great neighbors!

Here am I Lord, send me!

Project #1 – Recreation Service Project

This family project will include children and their parents. Stephanie Caldwell can give you the details but plan on working from noon to 2:00 pm at a local recreation facility.

Project #2 – Continuous Learning Center

We will be cleaning and decorating a few rooms at the CLC. We will also be supplying a “lending library.” Get more of the details from Nancy Neal or Betsy Stevens.

Project #3 – First Responders Project

Our youth will deliver goodies to our local community servants. Let Clint know by calling the church office if you are able to provide some baked goods. The best goodie delivered will be the Good News of God’s Word!

Project #4 – Church Construction Project

We will be helping a sister church by installing some flooring. If you can help Mark Derr with this project, call the church office.

Project #5 – Elderly Project

This project was intended to help those who are not able to manage the need themselves with light carpentry or yard work. If you know of a need and would like to gather a team of people to help, call the church office.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

     The days of Mr. Rogers may be no more but neighboring has not gone out of style! We are so excited as we think of the potential our church has as we express the love of Jesus by loving our neighbors well.

     Our Sunday School emphasis on Neighboring is gaining momentum because so many of you have agreed to reach out to anyone in your neighborhood who would like to know more about First Baptist. WOW, thank you! We would like to be able to respond to anyone in any area of Kershaw County, so we definitely need your help to spread the word about FBC! The mapping process is underway and as soon as someone from your neighborhood visits our church, you will be notified! So join the neighboring team today! Contact Chrissy in the church office!

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