begins wednesdays

9:30 am and 5:30

How do people survive when they have no hope? Where do they turn when there's nothing but misery all around them? In whom do you put your trust and hope? The only true hope Christians have is in the Lord. Study Lamentations and get a glimpse of the God whose compassions never fail.

What happens when a nation turns its back on God? When it acknowledges God but does not honor Him as God? When it twists, distorts, or even forbids the proclamation of the truths of His Word? Oh, how timely is this study of Lamentations. What lessons are there for you and your nation...and for us as individuals in dealing with the aftermath of rebellion? Of listening to false prophets? Of thinking that God will not hold us accountable for transgressing His Word and then discovering we were wrong? How do you live with yourself? With the consequences? Reconstruct the shambles of life and make it worth living again? Or can you? Yes, you can, because He’s a God of compassion. You just need to know how to tap into His mercies which are new every morning . . . and this you will learn in your study of Lamentations.

A lament is an expression of grief, of mourning, of sorrow. Surely we have each been there at one time or another. Some of us more than others. We feel as if life is one continual lament. You know the feeling, don’t you? The pain. The guilt for what we did, should have done, or didn’t do. The crippling sorrow. The sense often, of despair. And then to make matters worse, we think there is no sorrow like our sorrow—and a twinge of envy creeps into our hearts as we look at those who have what we’ve dreamed of and missed. (Kay Arthur)