Teen Girls Summer Bible Study

Girls grades 7 -12

Beginning sunday, June 10 at the home of Alexis McDonald

In a culture where friendship is measured in follows, likes, mentions, and snaps, and being “unfriended” is a very real worry, girls often think they need to have it all together—the pressure for perfection creates distance instead of real, authentic relationships.

We Saved You A Seat takes girls deeper into Scripture to learn how to create, invest in, and keep up lifelong friendships. Jesus is the role model for our friendships and Scripture is the foundation. We don’t wait until we’re all put together to come to Jesus. 

Ladies Summer Bible Study

What On Earth Am I Here For?

Beginning Wednesday, June 20 at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Center Conference Room #1. Sign up in the Welcome Center or call the church office.

Licensed in over eighty-five languages, The Purpose Driven Life is far more than just a book; it is a guide to a spiritual journey. Once you take this journey, you’ll never be the same again.

On your journey you’ll find the answers to three of life’s most important questions:

•The Question of Existence: Why am I alive?

•The Question of Significance: Does my life matter?

•The Question of Purpose: What on earth am I here for?

Living out the purpose you were created for moves you beyond mere survival and success to a life of significance—the life you were meant to live.

Five benefits of knowing your purpose:

1. It will explain the meaning of your life.

2.It will simplify your life.

3.It will focus your life.

4.It will increase your motivation.

5.It will prepare you for eternity.